Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Halloween was a month ago, but I've been trying to think of ways of beginning this blog (feels so momentous), and I've decided that pictures of Elliot's and Astrid's costumes might make an auspicious debut. The name of this blog is "Seis Manos," which means "Six Hands," because so much of the sewing and making I do involves Elliot (age 9) and Astrid (almost 4), too. Elliot gave me lots of ideas for his knight costume, some of which showed how he overestimates my sewing skills (a form of flattery, right?). Astrid just knew how she wanted to look in her Zardo Zap costume (she's a space alien from a Wiggles DVD): shiny, shiny, shiny, and she wanted to wear green eyeshadow. I think her face in this picture shows that she got just what she wanted.

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