Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sometimes retail therapy is OK

I'm finally getting over the stupid cold that has had me down for about 10 days. I've been writing intermittently while I've been sick, but it hasn't been going well, and the thought of sitting in front of the computer all morning just made me want to fuss and I went shopping. I did the chore shopping first (Target), and then made my way to the fabric store around 9:45....a *great* time to be at Hancock's on a Thursday. I was even able to get my hands on the Simplicity catalog without having a line of people glaring at me from behind.

I brought my coupons so that I could pretend I was getting some great deals...and, as it turned out, I got some great deals. I picked up some intriguing 60" blue shirting (it's not that often that you read "intriguing" and "Hancock's" in the same posting, is it?) at 40% off $3.95. I got 6 yards of it, washed it as soon as I got home, and cut out my first (of many, I hope) pair of Folkwear churidar pants (#119--the Sarouelles package). They took about 2 yards, so I think I can get a kurta (tunic) and possibly a couple of long-sleeve blouses for Astrid out of the rest of it.

(If you're wondering about the picture, I went looking for an image of a kurta and this is the first thing that came up. I dig this guy's sunglasses and no-nonsense pose. I don't, however, plan to make a kurta like his, awesome as it is).

My plan tomorrow is to use sewing time as an incentive to get some more serious writing done. (If I could only get past the 12 page mark--I'm at about 8--I'd feel like I was getting somewhere!)

Oh, yeah, I guess I should also say that I refashioned five of my old, stretched out, stained, or otherwise wrong knit shirts into spring/summer shirts for Astrid. I did two last night and three this afternoon. I'm getting my mojo back, I think.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alka Seltzer cocktail time

I've got a cold. If I were a truly strong person, I would try to do the writing that needs to get done, but I am a sleepy, achy person. I'm sitting on the couch listening to republicans on NPR debate whether Rush Limbaugh is or isn't the head of the party....geez, I must really be sick, because I can't even get up to turn it off. (Here's an example of what I'm hearing: though FDR's economic policies were a complete failure, he successfully "captured the imagination" of Americans, and that's why a lot of people still think [mistakenly] that he was a good president. If Obama's misbegotten policies aren't a complete flop, they say, it will be because he "captures the imagination" of people who aren't bright enough to understand that they've completely given away their liberty.)

I think I'd rather watch Aqua-Globe commercials....