Saturday, November 3, 2007


Here are Elliot and Astrid's Halloween costumes (actually, the expressions on their faces are probably cooler than the costumes themselves....they both showed so much attitude this year). Astrid was Little Red Riding Hood, the closest she could get to being a princess (I've let her know that I don't sew princess dresses....I used to tell her that my machine wouldn't work on pink cloth, but she doesn't buy that anymore). Elliot was an alien. His costume was by far the most elaborate get-up I've attempted. We were both pleased with how it came out, but I was certainly ready to be done with it a couple of hours before the costume was done with me. I used about ten feet of vinyl tubing in his tunic and on his hat (made of a stainless steel mixing bowl, with a battery powered LED light on top). When he wore the costume at school, he also had black gloves with tiny balloons in the finger tips--all slightly different in size and shape--so that his hands looked like black ginger roots....very creepy.

I wore a black Betty Boop wig and red lipstick on Halloween, but you don't get to see that. I do have some pictures of me looking very severe in the wig; I may incorporate them into a collage or some other project. If I do and I like how it comes out, I'll post it.

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