Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Celebrating Five Years of Astrid

Today is Astrid's 5th birthday. She's still young enough that each birthday brings back visceral memories of the day she came into our world: I had the flu, and was having nebulizer treatments in between contractions. (They didn't help much.) We had an unmedicated water birth; without the heat from the water, I'm not sure I could have done it unmedicated, as the little girl came very quickly, and I felt like a watermelon split down the middle. (At one point, I announced to Terry and the two midwives that I would not be able to complete the task, as I was about to expire.) In the days after Elliot's birth (during which I did accept some help with pain), I felt like Wonder Woman; after Astrid's, I felt sheepish for making so much noise (a completely bizarre response, as her birth felt twice as painful as Elliot's, and happened twice as fast).

Now that Astrid's 5, I again feel like Wonder Woman, as she has presented challenges that we never had with Elliot, and has demanded a degree of connectedness from all of us that we weren't entirely prepared for. (Consider her early nicknames: half the time we called her Cozy Kitty, because she was so deliciously snuggly [and still is], while the rest of the time, she cried so much that we called her Disastrid. Once she was a toddler, she could be Sweetiepie Space Girl *and* The Red Menace in the space of a half hour.) While she still has tough moments (and days), she also grows more clever, more creative, more curious--and more beloved--every day.

So it's a very happy day for all of us. Happy Birthday, Astrid!

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