Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tulips, real and paper

Here's a reflection-filled shot of the tulip Elliot made out of a coffee filter on Sunday. The picture shows bits of our living room (including the radiator that Astrid and Elliot sit on all winter), my silhouette, our porch swing and the plastic table we use for outdoor art projects, the houses across the street, and our Mazda 5. There's also a pastelly butterfly to the left of the tulip--I think it's one of Astrid's.

Of course, as nice as Elliot's flower is, our *real* tulips are the stars this week. Elliot and I (with some help from Astrid) planted about 250 assorted bulbs in October; so far, we've enjoyed yellow and purple crocuses, big and small narcissi, dark blue hyacinths (my favorite!), and now this explosion of tulips. We're still looking forward to purple allium.

Elliot has *another* baseball game this evening. We'd all be excited, except that it's currently about 45 degrees out, and will probably be more like 40 by game time. Brrrrr. It's weird to walk past beautiful spring flowers when we're wearing winter coats.

Finally, here's the picture Astrid took last weekend from our picture window. I like the angles in this shot.

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