Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tired and happy....happy!

I've been super-busy with papers to grade, sick kids, Halloween costumes to make....and a new blog I've been writing for work. (As you know, life blog and work blog must never cross the life blog has been on hold while I've been getting the work blog up and running).

None of this matters, of course....what *matters* is my pictures from Election Day! I work across the street from Grant Park in Chicago, and, while I decided not to stay downtown for the rally (I wanted to be home with my husband), I really wanted to document my experience of living through the giddy tension of the hours before election returns came in. I even walked over to Sears to buy a nifty little ultracompact, as I didn't have our clunky (but beloved) old digital camera with me. An expensive, impulsive purchase, but I'm glad I did it.

What a day! What a night! What a speech! It's a gooder-than-usual day to be alive.

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Anonymous said...

We wondered if you would go to the rally or not. I'm glad you had the chance to take some photos. I never did hear how many people flooded into downtown Chicago. I am so happy the event went off so smoothly. Even in little Olympia there was a small dance party on the streets downtown. We were home with Mogs, but the Fish Bowl brewery blasted their end-of-the- day horn when it was announced that Obama had one. Mogs was in bed and thought it was an owl hooting!