Monday, March 31, 2008

My art-making fuss

This weekend was a long clean- and chore-a-thon----WAY overdue, to be sure----but I confess that the good feeling that usually comes from really, really cleaning the bathroom maybe didn't last as long as I'd hoped it would. I finally fixed the towel racks (I'm so embarrassed to admit that one of them has been broken since before Astrid was born....when the other one broke last week, I decided that I had to fix both of them). I also put down a new rug (which can't happen, of course, until the floor has been scrubbed) and put up rosy pink linen curtains that I made on Saturday morning. The bathroom looks great now, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the glow lasted only about 28 hours.

(Not coincidentally, perhaps, the kids and I have been watching a lot of 1970s TV commercials on YouTube. Astrid's favorite is the "Ring Around the Collar" ad for Wisk--the one where the dingy shirts taunt the perky-haired wife.

Maybe I've been watching too many of these. Since when did having a *really* clean house [as opposed to a not-so-dirty house] actually make *me* happy? A rhetorical question, to be sure....except for the times when my mother came to help us after the births of Elliot and Astrid, I probably haven't spent any time in a *really* clean house that also belonged to me.)

Anyway, all of the weekend cleaning (and shopping and cooking) left me too tired and dispirited to work for more than about 30 minutes on art. Feeling "put upon" (my favorite Thomas the Tank Engine descriptor) led me to behave rudely to my family, which made for a lovely Sunday evening all the way around. Tonight, when I actually did have a bit of time to work on my collage, I felt too tired, so Elliot and I watched a documentary about the Pixies 2004 reunion tour. (I enjoyed it a lot....Elliot got bored after an hour.)

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Carrie said...

Thanks for the link to the old ads. I love that Calgon one with the slogan of the "ancient chinese secret." It's amazing that type of ad was ever okay. I am also thrilled to hear those mocking kid voices singing, "ring around the collar!" again.