Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Last Week of Classes

Tomorrow is my last evening of class, and though I've completely enjoyed working with my students this term, I am so ready for a break. This must be mostly because I'll also be teaching all summer, and I have done no prep at all for my 12-week course. In the meantime, I'm having trouble doing the little prep and much grading that remains for this class. I was at home, sickish, today, because the meetings I usually have on Wednesdays were mercifully cancelled. The kids are at school--Astrid's only a little sickish, so she was able to go--and it just didn't make sense to me to go to my office when all I could think about was sleeping. Of the time I've been awake, though, I've probably spent more of it ironing cloth and cutting out summer pants for myself than doing the grading and reading that will enable me to perform my classroom duties tomorrow.

On Saturday Elliot and I cleaned the front porch and bought a new cushion for the footstool that goes with the chair we keep on the porch. The weather was gorgeous--my spirits rose as I prepared my favorite "room" for regular occupation. I'm hoping to create mosquito netting curtains that will help us spend more of our evening hours outside this summer; I'd also like to get a little CD player and a lamp that we can bring out for nighttime Scrabble games. This is what I'm thinking about when I should be grading....

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