Sunday, January 6, 2008

How do we turn fussing into something nicer?

It's the *last* day of the kids' winter break (unless Astrid's cold gets worse, in which case we'll have her home again), and we're having to take things a minute at a time. The house is messy, Elliot's and Astrid's hair is sticking up, and I have a bad cold. Terry pulled a muscle in his chest last week (doing a jigsaw puzzle....not sure how that's possible, but I was there). These details should suggest the crumbly feeling we've all got right now.

If I were feeling better, I'd be gathering my little fussers around me and we'd be getting our hands dirty and our minds distracted from whatever blucky energy seems to be hanging around our house. As it is, I'll feel proud and accomplished if I take a shower and get Astrid to the 4 p.m. birthday party she's supposed to go to this afternoon. (OK: what's up with 4 p.m. birthday parties for 5 year olds? Is my child the only one who will be fried and antisocial by that hour?)

Last night Astrid didn't fall asleep until midnight. What's going to happen tonight? Or, more terrifying to contemplate, what kind of Monday morning awaits us? I shudder to think about this, so I won't think about it anymore. OK.

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Tony said...

Our sympathies to Terry...those sports injuries can be a @$%#!.