Monday, January 7, 2008

Worrying about Naught(iness)

Miraculously, Astrid did OK this morning, and, more baffling, even after she came home from a long day at school. I probably won't be able to get the pictures uploaded (I'm *really* trying for serenity, but my patience is waning), but I took many pictures of a castle she and I made out of blocks this evening. Actually, not just a castle (which was built partly out of nylon juggling scarves!), but also a princess's sewing workshop, a crown-shaped waiting area for people who want to meet and/or work with the princess, and a large play area for the children of the princess's co-workers.

During the latter stages of the building session, I turned on Antiques Roadshow (the season premiere!), and Astrid told me that "it's a good show for Mommies and little girls to watch together." I couldn't agree more, of course....I wonder if she'll say the same thing next week....

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Anonymous said...

I hope your photo situation gets sorted out soon. I would love to see the castle you two built and the quilt how did you do all that work in three days? Truly great! kt