Monday, July 28, 2008

IKEA confessions

I spent Saturday putting together a Leksvik china cabinet that I bought (gulp) 17 months ago. It's been sitting, unassembled, in its long, long cardboard box next to our dining room radiator--a probable hiding place for the mouse that has made its home with us, and a shameful reminder of my tendency to bite off more than I can possibly chew. (Of course, the shame factor has been multiplied by Astrid's tendency to ask, just about every other day, "when are you going to make that cabinet, Mama?") Before my spring break in 2007, I bought both the china cabinet and a long buffet. I put together the long buffet within a week of was a blissful-ish winter afternoon, just Leksvik, me, and The Godfather, Part II. (If you look closely at the photo, you may see a buffet that looks sorta, kinda [well, not really very much] like the one I made that day). Somehow, my mojo completely left me after I finished putting that thing together--thus the IKEA box that would just not go away.

I am proud (*so* proud) to share the credit for our "new" china cabinet with my Ryobi lithium-ion powered screwdriver. This was definitely the most complicated IKEA construction I've attempted, and it took me half the time I expected it would--with no blistered palms, either.

Now we just have to get rid of our falling-apart old cabinet (scavenged from a moldy basement in Highland Park, NJ in the early 1990s), so that we have room for our tall, extremely well-constructed Leksvik china cabinet.

Check back in about 17 months, OK?

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