Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mouse troubles and Electric Screwdriver

Two things.....

We have a big, grayish-brown mouse in our house, and it's the middle of the summer. S/he is a cocky rodent who is sometimes sitting in the middle of a room when we walk into the living room. We saw the Orkin truck a couple of houses down this afternoon, so perhaps we're not the only ones with a hairy summertime house guest. I'm not...the...least...happy about having a mouse in July. In mid-October, I'm prepared (though still not excited), and we have strategies for redirecting the little fellas back outdoors. Now, though, I want an open house, and I don't want to worry about seeing a mouse in my messy, messy house!

I'm in the middle of assembling some IKEA furniture (related to the never-ending, never successful quest for a more organized living space), and I find that I'd *really* like to have an electric screwdriver. I have no idea if they are as handy as they look, but I'm gonna see if I can get my hands on one tomorrow. And that's that.

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