Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Sprain

On Wednesday, Elliot sprained his ankle at sports camp. It took us until Friday afternoon to find out whether his ankle was broken or not--slow hospital! He's been incredibly patient, and my laptop has been in nearly constant use. (Is there a connection between those two facts? The Battle for Wesnoth has apparently kept him sane when he hasn't been able to run around.)

We're hoping the ankle will be healed enough for him to walk around, at least, by Wednesday of this week, but we know this may be unrealistic, as the darn thing is still quite swollen. In the meantime, we've been enjoying instant movie-viewing on Netflix---Young Frankenstein, DOA (the very old film noir), The Music Man (more for Astrid than for Elliot), and lots of episodes of Walking with Dinosaurs.

I'm finally about halfway through with the shorts I started almost ten days ago. To me, these shorts represent leisure and freshness--leisure, because once I put them on, I've acknowledged that I'm not going anywhere that requires presentability, and freshness, because I have enough of them to wash each pair after I wear it once. In the muggy hot weather we're having, that's a nice feeling.

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